marți, 9 aprilie 2019


Last FANTASY VII, the ageless exemplary cherished by an army of fans, comes to Nintendo Switch with various supportive additional highlights!
The world has fallen under the domain of the Shinra Electric Power Company, a vile organization that has cornered the planet's very life drive as Mako vitality. 

In the urban megalopolis of Midgar, an enemy of Shinra rebel bunch calling themselves Avalanche have ventured up their battle of obstruction. 

Cloud Strife, a previous individual from Shinra's first class SOLDIER unit presently turned hired fighter, loans his guide to the revolutionaries, unconscious that he will be drawn into an epic fight for the destiny of the planet, while grappling with his own lost past. 

This diversion is a port of the first FINAL FANTASY VII. 

The accompanying additional highlights are incorporated; 

◆ 3x speed mode 

◆ Ability to turn fight experiences off 

◆ Battle improvement mode

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