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Seven Guardians hack get your free diamonds!

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4:33 Creative Lab is known as the creator of the hack and slash RPG, Blade: Sword of Elysion, last year. Now, the developers have recently released a new game called Seven Guardians. The Seven Guardians mobile game app is a side scrolling defensive strategy game. Players are given seven warriors that they can play with to compose a team and defeat their opponents in combat.
People might see its gameplay similar to other titles. True enough there are other games out there that play a similar way. However, Seven Guardians does excel in certain areas that make it a worthwhile download for anyone looking for a new game to play. Below is a short look on Seven Guardians and its story, gameplay, graphics, sound, and some of its flaws, and of course, the Seven Guardians hack and Seven Guardians cheats.

The Seven Guardians hack and Seven Guardians cheats work on both Android and iOS devices as well as on Windows if you emulate the game, there is no Seven Guardians hack download and the Seven Guardians hack tool is totally safe to use. You can read more about the Seven Guardians cheats bellow, you’ll also find an in depth review of the game along with that information.


The story borrows heavily from Norse mythology. It speaks of the Nine Worlds that were under the protection of the gods. The Nine Worlds referred to are supposed to be the world connected to Norse mythology’s Yggdrasil, also known as the world tree. Things have taken a turn for the worse in theSeven Guardians story world as the undead have broken the peace and order established by the gods.
The game’s title is a reference to the seven heroes that the player gets to play with. The player must unite them and use them to lead troops into battle to restore peace and order to the Yggdrasil one world at a time.


Players are given even heroes to fight against the tide of the undead. The heroes are the warrior, rogue, defender, archer, wizard, golem, and the warlord. There is a small charge bar at the bottom of the screen that acts as an indicator for player resources. Some units require more bars to be filled in order to be deployed. Once deployed, a cooldown timer will begin to count down to indicate when they can be deployed again.
The goal of the game is to deploy enough troops to overpower the enemy and destroy their base. Gameplay is very similar to other side scrolling strategy defense games like Plants vs. Zombies.

The Seven Guardians mobile gameplay is quite addictive. It seems simple and nothing special at first. After the tutorial however, the game gives players access to more of what it has to offer. The game leaves a lot for tinkering and upgrades. Gamers who love to tinker around and build a strategy around their units are bound to love 4:33 Creative Lab’s new game.
There are plenty of times and collectibles that players can use to upgrade and strengthen their heroes and units. The amount of strategy and formation is sure to leave a lot of players spending hours thinking about the best way to deploy their units.
Grinding through story mode is fun and is another way of earning the heroes experience points to level them up. If that’s not enough, the Seven Guardians Hero’s Trail is a game mode where players are given challenges. Completing these challenges will net the player rewards that they can use for the benefit of their band of heroes.


Seven Guardians gameplay graphics are excellent. Design is of the kiddie cartoonish proportioned variety. While nothing new, the design speaks volumes of the amount of polish the game has received and the effort that 4:33 Creative Labs has spent in refining the game’s look. The overall look of the characters have a whimsical and adorable feel to it that’s sure to charm both the younger and older generation of gamers.
Also noteworthy are the rick backdrops of the game. The background during Seven Guardians game battles is a sight to behold. Best part of all, the background isn’t static, that is to say people can actually see some parts of the background, such as clouds, moving through the course of the game. The dynamic adds a little bit more feel and immersion to the battles. The animated background makes the battles seem more alive, which is a great feat for a two dimensional side scrolling game.
The user interface is easy to go through and will not leave the user scratching their head looking for something. The buttons, pictures, and overall layout of the menus make navigation easy.


Sound definitely has an underlying tone of fantasy to it. The Seven Guardians game music shares traits with its graphics in that they have this whimsical and adorable charm to it. Wind instruments make up most of the game’s soundtrack.
The sound effects used for battles such as the battle cries or the sound when units fight each other is pretty staple and nothing special. At most, the praise that can be given for the sound effects is that the attacks that the units land do sound punchy without being over the top.

Seven Guardians hack

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Problem areas

Like any other game for the mobile platform, Seven Guardians game problems are an issue. The game is a new release so it does have the tendency to be buggy. However, this is to be expected given that it is just a new release. By far the biggest flaw of the game is its persistence and insistence that the player spend real money on in-game items.
The game prompts or advertises the player of new deals, packages or promotions for in-game currency. This is normal and to be expected from a free to play mobile app, but Seven Guardians tends to be in the player’s face just as soon as they log in to the app.
This is somewhat countered by the fact that 4:33 Creative Labs holding events that allow players to earn extra gold. Gold is another currency that players can use to buy in-game items. The good news is that everything in the game that can be bought with real money can also be bought with the gold that players work for.


Seven Guardians is a new game that still has plenty of room to develop and grow, but the groundwork is there and the app shows plenty of promise so long as its developer can deliver its promise of new and exciting game modes such as guild raids where, surprisingly, players get to cooperate for amazing prizes.


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