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Best hacks for games

Best hacks for games

Best hacks for games

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Best hacks for games

Best hacks for games

miercuri, 31 august 2016

League of Defenders Hack

League of Defenders is really tremendous. But what if we told you there is a way to increase your luck by simply using League of Defenders Hack, which is a great easement for you? Well, thanks to Game Hacked Files you are going to enjoy great possibilities that this game provides without worrying about premium features that were available only for the chosen ones. From this moment everyone can compete with everyone on the same basis. Change the world in your favourite game thanks to the greatest application ever created. Gems, Gold, Energy is your goal? If so, let us show you some interesting options that can generate some of them!
One of the greatest things related to our product is its online access. Except that brilliant feature introduced by a team of professional programmers who deal with programming for a long time, our League of Defenders Hack Tool can boast with constant support, which is crucial for the game like League of Defenders . Why? Because of patches. You might be notified about some novelties introduced by Sunlang in the game. Therefore, some source code will be changed and in order to maintain the great efficiency, optimization and compatibility of our tool, we installed auto-update feature that automatically includes the newest changes and make our product available for you right after the premiere of new patch to the game.
We took all the precautionary measures just to make sure that League of Defenders Cheat as well as all the features included in it will work flawlessly. What features do we have in mind? Well, for example UNLIMITED Gems, Gold To see full list of options thanks to which your game will be much more enjoyable see the index below: 

Unlimited Gems
Unlimited Gold
Unlimited Energy
User friendly interface
No viruses
Compatible with all Operational Systems
League of Defenders Hack


1. Press on Hack it Now
2. Enter your username/email
3. Enter the resources value
4. Activate the hack
5. Enjoy!

It’s very important for you to understand that all the things included in League of Defenders Hack Tool are compatible with both iOS and Android devices and there is no way you are going to be exposed. Our group is well-known for making undetectable applications and this is exemplary reason for you to believe us. People use cheating products for variety of games made by us since the beginning of our activity and they had never been caught. It’s thanks to proxy servers and anti-ban scripts that keep you safe. There is more to add about our security. In order to mislead administrators, we also added log cleaners thanks to which you are invisible for the time using League of Defenders Cheat Tool. Now you can add all Gems, Gold, Energy you want and enjoy them for free!

luni, 29 august 2016

War and Order Hack – Get free gems with these cheats

Camel Games brought forward another great game called War and Order, and where there are great games there are also hack requests. This new War and Order hack was just released a few days ago and I decided to make it public as soon as possible because of how many people needed it, we’ll talk everything about the game and the War and Order cheats bellow.

For those of you that are impatient, I’ll start with the link to the War and Order hack(see bellow), we’ll then continue with the review of the game and talk more about the War and Order cheats later. The most important characteristics of the War and Order hack are the user friendly interface and the speed at which it works, the generator is incredibly easy to use and can fill up your account with resources in just a few minutes. The entire process is completely safe, but that doesn’t mean you should abuse the generator as the server can get overloaded when there are too many requests sent to it.

You can access the War and Order hack using the button bellow, if you any need help then follow the instructions listed at the bottom, bellow is also a screenshot of a hacked account.

War and Order Hack
War and Order Hacked


War and Order is a free action mobile game developed by Camel Games. It will make you forget about everything and might give addiction, because it cannot be let down once started. It is an exciting civilization builder where players are supposed to raise their empire with the help of an army composed of orcs, dragons, lizards and elves.


The most annoying thing about this type of games is the building timers. Each level automatically impose a longer time for upgrade, which can be quite boring – a player has two wait hours in order to get his Farm at level 5, for example. The timers under seven minutes are free, which means that you do not have to use your gems to speed it up. Yet, those above seven minutes will require different amounts of gems based on how much a player has to wait. In other words, if the building requires twenty minutes to be done, you will spend only one gem. Yet, if you have to wait five hours, you will be required fifteen gems.
However, War and Order gives you the chance to speed up the building time without paying any gems. Since it is an alliance-based game, you can ask your members to help you only by clicking an icon that pops up. Each person that helps you speeds the timer up with a minute. It might not make a big difference if you have hours to wait, but on short-deals it might be great. You can ignore the timers only when you have unlimited gems, gems that you can acquire by making use of the War and Order hack, this will allow you to skip the boring part, which is waiting for things, so yea, War and Order cheats for the win!


War and Order works on teamwork – regardless of your level, you are able to join in an alliance. You can also work your way up to the top as a solo player, but it would be better if you would be in a team. This way, you will level up both faster and safer. In order to improve the entire alliance, members contribute to a common pot – for example, if one player donates wood to certain alliance technologies, the entire team receive boosts to their sawmills.
What differentiate War and Order from other alliance-based games is the fact that it gives players the opportunity to raise soldiers both for their alliance and for people who are outside of it in order to go and fight battles. Most games providing alliances enable players only to socially interact.
War and Order Gems

In-app purchases

Although War and Order is a free game, there are also in-app purchases that will help you upgrade your experience. This alternative is mostly used when players run out of gems or resources and have no time to wait for their troops to return with them. Otherwise, players have numerous ways of getting them – by playing, gamers can get gems through various rewards; also, they can send their troops to mine them. Moreover, there is a merchant ship which allows you to sell some of your resources for shells. In turn allows you to buy various things from him such as building speed boosts. As if it was not enough, it allows you to upgrade your experience without paying anything. As in every other game with in-app purchases, the fastest way to get to the top is by buying premium resources, in this case gems, now, everyone knows how expensive this can turn out, that’s why the War and Order hack is so useful. By using the War and Order hack tool not only you save money, but you also get to enjoy the game more, because having unlimited gems in War and Order is better than struggling to get some. Keep in mind that is in no way associated with the War and Order apk, the War and Order hack and War and Order cheats are something totally different.


If you want to be successful and grow your territory fast, you have to bear in mind some general yet useful tips. As War and Order is an alliance-based game, being a member of a team leads to bigger daily territory rewards and gives players the chance to win more battles. If you want to win the most loot and Lord XP, you have to rally every day with your alliance – yet, this can be done only if you have upgraded your Castle to level 8 and built a Hall of War. As soon as you can, upgrade to level 4, because you will be able to recruit numerous elves and orcs.

Stay safe

In order to not lose your account, you would be better if you bind it with Facebook – this way you can recover it even if you update your system or change your device. If one of this happens, you will have to login game and temporarily play with a new account. After you have finished the tutorial and can tap any button, tap on the Lord icon and then on Switch Account to log back into your old account.
War and Order Generator


In order to become more powerful than any king in history, you have to win numerous battles. Although you can do it alone, it is advisable to enter an alliance and discuss with your allies which battle should you carry on. The main point of this game is to work together while conquering an endless world of empires and imagination. Apart from your allies, who will help you at any time, you will be accompanied by a powerful army composed of Orc Knights, Dragon Riders, Elf Sages and other incredible warriors. They are ready anytime to fight for your empires and to get you numerous victories. If you are a fan of spectacularly animated battles, you have to raise a massive fantasy army with various characters – each and every one has its special and unique power. In case your enemy’s army is more powerful than yours, you can ask for your allies’ help who will come in a matter of seconds either on horse-back or lizard-back so as to attack the opponents from all angles. After the fight is over and you have been declared victorious, you can show your gratitude to your allies by sharing with them the new territory.


In spite of the fact that these action games can be sometimes frustrating – it is terrible to wait until your timer is over or pay for resources – they help players polish up some strategic and social skills. But you can exclude the frustration if you use the War and Order hack. Although War and Order can give addiction due to its uniqueness, it is a great way of spending your free time. It is different from other similar games, because the developers at Camel Games have put a lot of effort and time in making it the most enjoyable and less boring game ever. If you want to be surprised by the perfection of the game, you might give War and Order a try.

War and Order Hack

As I said before, the War and Order hack is easy to use, it is totally safe, and very fast. Down bellow you have the instructions to using it, along the second access button, please remember that you should not abuse it, overloading the servers is no something nice. You can run the War and Order hack on all three main operating systems: Windows, iOS and Android, on a wide variety of phones, so the device or platform shouldn’t be a problem, you have both the War and Order hack android and the War and Order hack iOS in the same place. At the moment I am writing this article, there is no other way to acquire War and Order free gems, so take advantage of this War and Order hack now and make your friends regret that they spent money when they could have simply used the War and Order cheats.
War and Order Cheats


  • Access the War and Order hack using the button bellow or the one at the beginning of the article;
  • Insert your lord name or the email to which you bonded your account;
  • Select your mobile operating system;
  • Select the amount of gems, stone and iron that you would like to add to your account;
  • Press the “Hack” button and wait for the process to finish;
  • Restart your game;
  • Enjoy the resources you’ve got without spending a dollar!

Taichi Panda: Heroes Hack – Free coins and diamonds using cheats

The second Taichi Panda installment is out and so is the Taichi Panda Heroes: Hack. The team behind the brand new Tachi Panda Heroes generator is very experienced and has done a wonderful job with this one, and we are going to take a look at both the hack and the game in the following article.
Developed by team B4NE, the new Taichi Panda: Heroes hack is even better than it’s predecessor, the Taichi Panda hack. The Taichi Panda: Heroes hack comes in an online format as a generator, so it ca be accessed and used anywhere, at any time, very easily. It is totally safe to use and generates the requested coins and diamonds in just a few minutes, so you can start enjoying all those premium features really fast. With that being said, we’ll get back on the Taichi Panda: Heroes cheats a bit later, after talking about the game itself.

You can access the Taichi Panda: Heroes hack using the button bellow, if you any need help then follow the instructions listed at the bottom, bellow is also a screenshot of a hacked account.

Taichi Panda Heroes Hack
Above is a screenshot of the Taichi Panda: Heroes generator and bellow is a screenshot of a Taichi Panda: Heroes hacked account, you can see the player has filled up his account with both coins and diamonds, your account can look the same by following the instructions at the bottom of the page. Your game’s experience really improves after gaining access to the premium features, which can be done by either spending money or using the Taichi Panda Heroes hack, and that’s something very important because at the end of the day we play games for entertainment, not to struggle, get mad, or anything like that.
We shall discuss the rest of the Taichi Panda: Heroes hack and Taichi Panda: Heroes cheats features at the end of article, if you don’t want to read anymore, I have already told you everything you need to know about the  Taichi Panda Heroes cheats, so you’re good to go!
Taichi Panda: Heroes Hack


Taichi Panda: Heroes is an action mobile game published by Snail Games, the same publishers of the action Taichi Panda. The difference between these exciting games is that Taichi Panda: Heroes offers nineteen playable characters with the ability to swap between them at will.  The game is set in a fantasy land, Avzar, which has been protected by the great prophet, Vallar and his disciple Aria. Recently, Vallar has been captured by the dark prince who also left Aria with no powers at all. The land will be plagued by evil magic, goblins, bandits and monsters until Aria, helped by the three adventurers, uncovers the mystery, save Vallar and defeat the evil in order to restore the balance.

About Taichi Panda: Heroes

The key point of this game is to fight against an army of skeletons and giant demons with a team of warriors led by a panda. The game follows the adventure of three heroes – a Daoist martial artist, Pan Da, a valiant knight, Lulandore and a nimble treasure hunter, Lauren Catcher. They venture into the wilderness to face untold dangers in their mission of saving the world from an evil prince and his army of monsters, goblins and skeletons. The kingdom is on the verge of collapse and many courageous heroes step forth to face the challenge, but only one will be successful at the end of the battle. The road ahead will not be smooth, but every player will be able to command his band of heroes, collect and upgrade War Pets, form alliances, and expand his wealth.


Players are advised to engage in as many Activities as possible to earn Activity Points. Different Activities, such as upgrading the Equipment, completing Missions or requirements in the Fortitude menu, will give different rewards and different amounts of Activity Points. The point with these Activity Points is that they are related to the Activity Bar, which is filled up with every new completed mission. When filled at different levels, the Daily Activity Bar will allow you to unlock special Daily rewards, using the Taichi Panda: Heroes hack makes activities way easier to complete.

Playable Characters

In Taichi Panda: Heroes there are six different playable characters – the Warrior, which is specialized in melee fighting, the fox mage with an effective evasion skill and range attacks, the Panda Priest which can be nearly indestructible when played properly, the Taichi Panda that uses melee attacks and can produce serious damage to the opponents, the Treasure Hunter that has a highly effective evasion skill and last but not least, the Gunslinger which can buff its normal attack with one of the three weapon attributes (Electric, Freeze, Fire).

Game Play

Players are supposed to finish a given level before they will be able to move on to the real game. Their score is calculated on the grounds of their rapidity of finishing a level. Each level type has its own standard of achievement. For example, if you complete a Basic Level in more than three minute, you will receive only one star. But if you finish it in less than two minutes, you will be given three stars, which is considered the best reward. The timer starts once you begin the game and includes both the loading time and the last five seconds of the run. Getting three stars may prove difficult at times without having unlimited Taichi Panda: Heroes diamonds, but that’s not the case when you have the help of Taichi Panda: Heroes cheats.


In the level description players can get an idea of the loot they could get. Yet, that is not the only loot available. While fighting through the level, players must pick up the loot dropped by the defeated enemies, in order to acquire a great reward. Moreover, at the end of a level players are allowed to choose between three cards that are lying face-down so as to boost their loot. Loot, gold, and experience gained from a level are dependent on the difficulty of the level. If players complete a level with 3-stars performance they have the option to auto-run the level so as to gather certain rewards. This allows players to acquire certain materials, such as Soulstones or Breakthrough Pills faster. You don’t have to abuse the Taichi Panda: Heroes hack and get yourself a overpowered account, you can use it only to gain some free Taichi Panda Heroes diamonds, and from there on, just play the game normally.

Level types

Taichi Panda: Heroes provides players with four types of levels – basic, boss, challenge and elite. Basic levels are represented on the map with a small red flag and are of an average difficulty. In order to unlock the next Basic Level, the previous one must have been completed. These levels can be attempted five times a day and involve exploring a series of path, fighting enemies and defeating a boss at the end. Although along the way players might find loot, it does not reflect the gamers’ performance. What differentiates gamers is the way they defeat the boss at the end of a Basic Level – once killed, the boss will drop a collection of loot corresponding to the player’s performance.
Boss Levels are represented on the map by a picture of the boss and sometimes require players to defeat the boss in order to progress. These levels might be special challenges that offer unique rewards to the player who defeats them. Usually, the boss is assisted by other enemies, mostly by the bosses from previous levels.
On the map, Elite levels are represented by a small golden icon of a skull with wings behind it. These levels are similar to Boss levels, because they all start with a boss fight. In the Elite levels the boss and his team have special abilities, such as freezing, regeneration or have powerful area attacks, which make the level more difficult. Elite levels cannot be auto-run yet they can be accessed two times a day.
Challenge levels are represented by a treasure chest. These levels are unique, because they have special missions, other than killing enemies. Usually, players are required to accomplish a mission within a minute. These levels can be attempted only once a day and cannot be auto-run. Moreover, they have only one reward.

Taichi Panda: Heroes hack

First of all, note that this has nothing to do with the Taichi Panda: Heroes apk and there is no Taichi Panda: Heroes hack download. The Taichi Panda: Heroes generator runs only online and requires a internet connection, running it online is the safest, fastest and easiest way, that is why there’s no downloadable version of the Taichi Panda: Heroes hack.
The operating systems supported by Taichi Panda Heroes: Hack are Android and iOS, the amount of coins and diamonds that you can generated is unlimited, but try not to abuse that. These Taichi Panda: Heroes cheats are similar with the Taichi Panda: Heroes astuces, Taichi Panda: Heroes triche and Taichi Panda: Heroes hack deutsch, so search no more for all those things, as you’ve got everything that you need right here. Have fun with all the Taichi Panda: Heroes free diamonds.
Taichi Panda Heroes Cheats


To sum up, Taichi Panda: Heroes is one of the most entertaining and downloaded action mobile games. It is addictive and once you start playing it, you will not be able to give it up.


  • Access the Taichi Panda: Heroes hack using the button bellow or the one at the beginning of the article;
  • Insert your username or e-mail of the account you want to hack;
  • Select the mobile operating system on which you’re playing;
  • Select the amount of diamonds and coins that you would like to add to your account;
  • Press the “hack” button and wait for the process to finish;
  • Restart your game;
  • Enjoy the free diamonds and coins!

vineri, 26 august 2016

DragonSoul hack and cheats free diamonds and gold

The DragonSoul hack comes packed in a DragonSoul generator with a very user friendly interface and easy to use controls. It works on iOS, Android but also on Windows if you’re emulating the game on your PC. Using the DragonSoul hack you are able to generate unlimited amounts of DragonSoul diamonds and gold. I know there are so many people who have been looking for this and that is why I decided to share it, the team behind the DragonSoul hack promised that it will be kept up to date as the game progresses.

If you want to learn more about the game and the DragonSoul cheats, then keep on reading, otherwise, bellow is everything you need in order to hack DragonSoul.

You can access the DragonSoul hack using the button bellow, if you any need help then follow the instructions listed at the bottom, bellow is also a screenshot of a hacked account.

DragonSoul Hack
Make no mistake, this is no DragonSoul apk mod, or anything like that, every single diamond or piece of gold is for real, all the changes made using the DragonSoul hack or DragonSoul cheats are permanent. Also, you should try not to abuse the DragonSoul hack as the team who created it is small and doesn’t own a powerful server, so there has to be room for everyone to use it.

DragonSoul  – Fun Fantasy RPG App For Mobile

When it comes to mobile gaming, some of the most popular titles that you can see are the ones with simple and repetitive gameplay. Usually, people steer away from the fantasy and adventure genre because they think that it is too complicated or the mechanics are too challenging.
In addition, touchscreen devices do not have a lot of room for controls, so moving your characters in dungeons can be a bit hard.
Enter the DragonSoul RPG – created by the PerBlue team, this tabletop role-playing mobile game is suited for beginners who want to explore other genres.
DragonSoul Hacked
Even though it is a fantasy RPG title, the mechanics are simple. However, it offers various challenges that will test your mettle. In this game, you will explore dungeons, fight a horde of medieval monsters, and just have a good time with your friends.
This short review will walk you through the in and outs of this strategy game and will give you some tips on surviving your very first quest.

Interesting Premise

No fantasy game will ever be complete without a compelling story, and this mobile franchise definitely has one.
The setting of the game is in the medieval ages – the fantasy version, where magic, sword fights, and monsters are abundant. In this age, brave and selfless heroes roamed the land. They travel to the farthest corners of the country to help the people in need.
Unfortunately, not everyone is happy with what they’re doing, particularly Umlaut, a dragon. Due to his jealousy, he captured every hero that he saw and trapped them inside Soulstones.
DragonSoul Hack Tool
Evil ran wildly throughout the lands, but thankfully, there were a handful of heroes who escaped the dragon’s evil wrath. With YOUR help, you will lead this ragtag team of survivors on an epic quest to defeat the evil dragon and his minions.
As you traverse one level to the next, you will have the chance to free the heroes trapped inside the Soulstones and turn your micro-army into a powerful monster-slaying armada!
As expectedthe story is a mishmash of several popular fantasy tropes that you’ve probably seen in dozens of movies or literary pieces. However, the characters are compelling and relatable. Even without a goofy voiceover, you may find yourself smiling at some of the humorous dialogues written by the game developers.

Lush 3D Visuals

Graphics-wise, DragonSoul has decent visuals that are pleasant to look at. The background art is just stunning for a mobile game. The color palettes in each level are well designed to match the current mood and setting.
The character designs are goofy to match the overall fun vibe of the game. The monsters look creepy, while the heroes have individual characteristics that make them more lovable.
However, fluid motion is something to be desired, particularly with the fight sequences. The magic spells could have looked way cooler if they added more detail to it.
The text for the dialogue is easy to read because the designers choose the correct font, size, and color.

Clean UI

Another thing that you will love about the game is the simple and easy-to-use interface. As a mobile game, don’t expect that it has complicated controls for choosing the spells or checking the inventory. Since it is made for beginners, the user interface is easy to follow.
At the bottom middle part of the screen, you can see the available heroes that you have at hand. Underneath their avatar pictures are their hit and magic points (HP and MP). Both points do not show any numerical value, so it can be challenging to assess the exact amount of MP and HP that you have.
DragonSoul Gameplay
On the upper side of the screen are small icons. On the left, you can see the messenger icon for viewing chat history. Next to it shows the amount of gold that you earned and if you got any treasure chests after killing the enemy. There is also a timer on the top right side of the screen so you can see the remaining minutes you have in each fight.
The icons are small, so they won’t block the entire screen. Dialogues and announcements also pop up every once in a while. But similar to the icons, they are not that obtrusive.


Just like a casual game for smartphones and tablets, this fantasy franchise is surprisingly easy to play. It follows a turn-based approach, which means that you and the enemy will take turns in attacking.
If it is your turn to move, all you need to do is tap the avatar pictures of your selected character. Afterwards, it will dish out any spell or physical attack that it has. The number of your available moves depends on how many heroes you have.
Once you have defeated the enemies in that level, you can earn gold coins and a treasure chest. The chest usually contains special equipment for boosting your hero’s skills, or you can also unlock one of the heroes trapped inside a Soulstone. Since the game has a goofy tone, the equipment you’ll get will usually have quirky names such as Laser Kittens or Lucky Orc’s Foot.
On the lower levels, the AI is easy to beat, but as you venture into the higher levels, things become more challenging. However, don’t worry because you can boost your hero’s abilities.
Each hero can gain up to four skills. In addition, they can also be promoted to a higher job class once they achieve the right levels.

DragonSoul hack and cheats

There are only a few things left unsaid about the DragonSoul hack tool. The first one is that you are able to run the DragonSoul cheats from pretty much any device that uses either iOS, Android or Windows. Also, hacking DragonSoul is really not a problem when you have such a tool at your disposal, so don’t worry about that, all you have to do is give it some simple commands, the DragonSoul generator will do the rest.
Another thing, there is no DragonSoul hack download here, only a online generator, neither is a DragonSoul iOS hack or DragonSoul Android hack, these are both compiled in the same generator. With that being said, I’ll let you enjoy all those DragonSoul free diamonds and gold.
DragonSoul Cheats

PVP Available!

The PVP system allows you to meet with other players online and enter fight pits. You can also form your own guild with other friends and join guild wars. The mechanics for the PVP matches are quite similar with the normal quests you do offline. Aside from sweet prizes, you can also gain higher rankings and bragging rights when you participate in online matches.


Overall, DragonSoul is a fun game made for beginners. It is not too complex, but it comes with a lot of challenges to make it exciting. The art is simply stunning, although there is still a lot of room for improvement in the action sequences. In addition, the funny dialogue, quirky character designs, and unique mechanics provide a satisfying experience.


  • Access the DragonSoul hack using the button bellow or the one at the beginning of the article;
  • Insert the username or email of the account you want to hack;
  • Select the operating system on which you’re playing;
  • Select the amount of diamonds and gold that you would like to add to your account;
  • Press the “hack” button and wait for the process to finish;
  • Restart your game;
  • Enjoy the free diamonds and gold!

joi, 25 august 2016

Seven Guardians hack get your free diamonds!

You won’t be needing seven hacks for the Seven Guardians, all that you’ll need is a single, reliable, Seven Guardians hack to get you all those precious diamonds and that’s exactly what we are going to show you today.

With the new Seven Guardians hack being unlocked, everyone has access to it, the only thing you need to know is where to find it and how to use it. Although the second part isn’t that hard to accomplish, finding it my prove a bit difficult as it still wasn’t made public. But that won’t be a problem for you anymore, you’re going to learn everything about the Seven Guardians hack and Seven Guardians cheats right here.

You can access the Seven Guardians hack using the button bellow, if you any need help then follow the instructions listed at the bottom, bellow you’ll also find a screenshot of a hacked account.

4:33 Creative Lab is known as the creator of the hack and slash RPG, Blade: Sword of Elysion, last year. Now, the developers have recently released a new game called Seven Guardians. The Seven Guardians mobile game app is a side scrolling defensive strategy game. Players are given seven warriors that they can play with to compose a team and defeat their opponents in combat.
People might see its gameplay similar to other titles. True enough there are other games out there that play a similar way. However, Seven Guardians does excel in certain areas that make it a worthwhile download for anyone looking for a new game to play. Below is a short look on Seven Guardians and its story, gameplay, graphics, sound, and some of its flaws, and of course, the Seven Guardians hack and Seven Guardians cheats.

The Seven Guardians hack and Seven Guardians cheats work on both Android and iOS devices as well as on Windows if you emulate the game, there is no Seven Guardians hack download and the Seven Guardians hack tool is totally safe to use. You can read more about the Seven Guardians cheats bellow, you’ll also find an in depth review of the game along with that information.


The story borrows heavily from Norse mythology. It speaks of the Nine Worlds that were under the protection of the gods. The Nine Worlds referred to are supposed to be the world connected to Norse mythology’s Yggdrasil, also known as the world tree. Things have taken a turn for the worse in theSeven Guardians story world as the undead have broken the peace and order established by the gods.
The game’s title is a reference to the seven heroes that the player gets to play with. The player must unite them and use them to lead troops into battle to restore peace and order to the Yggdrasil one world at a time.


Players are given even heroes to fight against the tide of the undead. The heroes are the warrior, rogue, defender, archer, wizard, golem, and the warlord. There is a small charge bar at the bottom of the screen that acts as an indicator for player resources. Some units require more bars to be filled in order to be deployed. Once deployed, a cooldown timer will begin to count down to indicate when they can be deployed again.
The goal of the game is to deploy enough troops to overpower the enemy and destroy their base. Gameplay is very similar to other side scrolling strategy defense games like Plants vs. Zombies.

The Seven Guardians mobile gameplay is quite addictive. It seems simple and nothing special at first. After the tutorial however, the game gives players access to more of what it has to offer. The game leaves a lot for tinkering and upgrades. Gamers who love to tinker around and build a strategy around their units are bound to love 4:33 Creative Lab’s new game.
There are plenty of times and collectibles that players can use to upgrade and strengthen their heroes and units. The amount of strategy and formation is sure to leave a lot of players spending hours thinking about the best way to deploy their units.
Grinding through story mode is fun and is another way of earning the heroes experience points to level them up. If that’s not enough, the Seven Guardians Hero’s Trail is a game mode where players are given challenges. Completing these challenges will net the player rewards that they can use for the benefit of their band of heroes.


Seven Guardians gameplay graphics are excellent. Design is of the kiddie cartoonish proportioned variety. While nothing new, the design speaks volumes of the amount of polish the game has received and the effort that 4:33 Creative Labs has spent in refining the game’s look. The overall look of the characters have a whimsical and adorable feel to it that’s sure to charm both the younger and older generation of gamers.
Also noteworthy are the rick backdrops of the game. The background during Seven Guardians game battles is a sight to behold. Best part of all, the background isn’t static, that is to say people can actually see some parts of the background, such as clouds, moving through the course of the game. The dynamic adds a little bit more feel and immersion to the battles. The animated background makes the battles seem more alive, which is a great feat for a two dimensional side scrolling game.
The user interface is easy to go through and will not leave the user scratching their head looking for something. The buttons, pictures, and overall layout of the menus make navigation easy.


Sound definitely has an underlying tone of fantasy to it. The Seven Guardians game music shares traits with its graphics in that they have this whimsical and adorable charm to it. Wind instruments make up most of the game’s soundtrack.
The sound effects used for battles such as the battle cries or the sound when units fight each other is pretty staple and nothing special. At most, the praise that can be given for the sound effects is that the attacks that the units land do sound punchy without being over the top.

Seven Guardians hack

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Problem areas

Like any other game for the mobile platform, Seven Guardians game problems are an issue. The game is a new release so it does have the tendency to be buggy. However, this is to be expected given that it is just a new release. By far the biggest flaw of the game is its persistence and insistence that the player spend real money on in-game items.
The game prompts or advertises the player of new deals, packages or promotions for in-game currency. This is normal and to be expected from a free to play mobile app, but Seven Guardians tends to be in the player’s face just as soon as they log in to the app.
This is somewhat countered by the fact that 4:33 Creative Labs holding events that allow players to earn extra gold. Gold is another currency that players can use to buy in-game items. The good news is that everything in the game that can be bought with real money can also be bought with the gold that players work for.


Seven Guardians is a new game that still has plenty of room to develop and grow, but the groundwork is there and the app shows plenty of promise so long as its developer can deliver its promise of new and exciting game modes such as guild raids where, surprisingly, players get to cooperate for amazing prizes.


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